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The CWPA certification program was developed by industry professionals incorporating the latest evidence-based well-being material.
It utilizes practical strategies of the book Transforming Workplace Wellness, which is included in the 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Masters Degree curriculum at the University of Wisconsin.

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"I know of no other wellness certification program that prepares wellness program administrators as effectively and thoroughly. If I needed my staff to learn how to create, communicate, and measure the effectiveness of my wellness program, POWCERT would be my clear solution.
Juan R
I liked the ability to break down into small steps the process and alignment. I appreciated every minute of the time, especially the pace, guidance, and interaction with the others."
Gustavo P
"The professional examples were realistic to the job/corporate environment."
 "Margaret's designs are concise, practical. immediately applicable and well-delivered. She demonstrates compassion and caring for the audience and mixes in a good sense of humor."
Michele R

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