No More Stinkin' Thinkin'

Without mindfulness, life seeps in around us and fills in the gaps like water filling a hole and we can find ourselves simply going with the flow or becoming stuck in the muck wherever we are.

Research shows that without this level of awareness, daily stressors build up and are associated with a rise in increased cravings and addictions, stinkin' thinkin', and diminished engagement.
This program demonstrates the link between conscious awareness and positive behavior change and provides a variety of methods to manage your emotions. 

It incorporates the latest research and evidence-based information on mindfulness including how to: 
  1. Develop a greater sense of self-awareness to what you are experiencing internally and in your surroundings 
  2. Increase your ability to focus and untangle from stress and "stinking thinking"
  3. Use conscious awareness to change unhelpful behavior patterns 
  4. Enhance your communication skills and be more productive 
  5. Establish a foundation of mindfulness strategies 
Students must receive a minimum of 80% in the program exam to obtain a certificate of completion.
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