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The certified Wellness Program Administrator(CWPA) is a certification program designed to help professionals create effective workplace well-being programs and inspire sustainable change.

 Personal and Professional Transformation Books  

w included in the 2021 Corporate Responsibility Masters Degree curriculum at the University of Wisconsin:

The book behind the online certification:
Certified Wellness Program Administrator (CWPA)

The second edition of Transforming Workplace Wellness: Practical Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Change provides the latest evidence-based information needed to create and maintain a successful holistic wellness program.

Used by The University of Wisconsin as part of its Corporate Responsibility degree program, this immensely readable book provides innovative content and practical takeaways for today’s well-being programs.

As change agents, members of the well-being team are charged with developing creative strategies that inspire, engage, and initiate positive behavior-change. Transforming Workplace Wellness equips teams to be creative in their methodology and combine winning content with engaging events.

It offers a practical approach that will appeal to a broad range of professionals who can benefit from reading this book, regardless of the size of their organization or industry.

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Current Training Courses

POWCERT provides high quality, convenient online training for individuals and teams.
Through skill-enhancing wellness initiatives that address the higher level of challenges each of us face today, POWCERT can give you the training, support, and tools you need to engage long-term well-being goals in yourself and others.

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Our facilitators include:

Faculty from Columbia Business School
EVP of First Region, Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and Co-marketing Chair for the MIT Chief Information Officers
Member of the Board of Directors at P.D.Gladiators Parkinson Disease Atlanta, Georgia
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Massachusetts
Registered Nurse, Scotland
United States Army Veteran with Masters degree in Nutrition Education
Marketing and design consultant
Digital media and e-learning consultant
"When people feel their best, feel valued, and
have a supportive environment and skills to make
lasting change, their engagement and
productivity increases."
Margaret Stockley, Transforming Workplace Wellness
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