Our vision is to be the industry leader in workplace wellness training that innovates, engages, and drives positive healthy transformations.


At POWCERT we believe in positive, sustainable transformations

Our mission is to create a healthier nation by educating, inspiring, and developing a culture of well-being within organizations that will invigorate employees to build a lifelong commitment to healthier lifestyles and optimal wellness.

Instructors include: faculty from Columbia Business School; Harvard Ed Portal; EVP of First Region, Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and Co-marketing Chair for the MIT Chief Information Officers; Member of Board of Directors at P.D. Gladiators Parkinson Disease Atlanta, Georgia; Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

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Client-centered approach

Behavioral and organizational dynamics and the relationship to culture and engagement in a wellness environment

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“When people feel their best, feel valued, and have a supportive
environment and skills to make lasting change, their engagement and
productivity increases.”

-Margaret Stockley “Transforming Workplace Wellness”

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The foundation of a successful wellness program is the ability to motivate employees, increase engagement, and promote positive well-being behaviors. Developed by industry professionals using the latest evidence-based material and incorporating the practical strategies of the book Transforming Workplace Wellness, the CWPA includes information on honing the steps of a wellness program cycle to align with your company’s goals. The wellness programs that thrive are the ones that are relevant to employees and provide the means to create sustainable changes.

In this comprehensive certification program you will learn seven key proficiencies to support well-being and build a successful wellness program:

  • Building a wellness team
  • Developing a shared wellness vision
  • Defining a wellness culture
  • Creating a culture of well-being
  • Fostering resilience and engagement
  • Promoting the workplace wellness program
  • Evaluation

Participants must receive a minimum of 80% in the program exam to obtain a certificate of completion.

How does stress form, and why is it a challenge to recognize early and do something to stop it? Long working hours, higher workloads, shorter deadlines, and increased expectations contribute to the rise in workplace anxiety and pressure. Yet everyone responds differently to stress depending on personality, cultural background, social circumstances, and past experiences. In this program you will learn:

  • How we react to different stressors
  • How to identify triggers
  • What you can do to reduce stress and eliminate burnout
  • Stress-relief strategies to implement at work and home.

Participants must receive a minimum of 80% in the program exam to obtain a certificate of completion.

Research shows a steady increase in the occupational stressors associated with a rise in employee turnover, underperformance, and diminished engagement. When workplace stress becomes chronic and overwhelming, it can be detrimental to both an individual’s physical and mental health. This program outlines evidence-based research and techniques to help participants integrate mindfulness into their life, both personally and professionally. It demonstrates the link between conscious awareness and positive behavior change and provides a variety of methods to improve efficiency and resilience. Learn how to:

  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness to what you are experiencing internally and in your surroundings
  • Increase your ability to focus and untangle from stress and unhelpful thinking
  • Use conscious awareness to change unhelpful behavior patterns
  • Enhance your communication skills and be more productive
  • Establish a foundation of mindfulness strategies

Students must receive a minimum of 80% in the program exam to obtain a certificate of completion.

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