Our vision is to be the industry leader in workplace wellness training that innovates, engages, and drives positive healthy transformations.


At POWCERT we believe in positive, sustainable transformations

Our mission is to create a healthier nation by educating, inspiring, and developing a culture of wellbeing within organizations that will invigorate employees to build a lifelong commitment to healthier lifestyles and optimal wellness.

Instructors include: faculty from Columbia Business School; Harvard Ed Portal; EVP of First Region, Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and Co-marketing Chair for the MIT Chief Information Officers; Member of Board of Directors at P.D. Gladiators Parkinson Disease Atlanta, Georgia; Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Concierge ConsultingSM

Client-centered approach

Behavioral and organizational dynamics and the relationship to culture and engagement in a wellness environment

In-class and online training

“When people feel their best, feel valued, and have a supportive
environment and skills to make lasting change, their engagement and
productivity increases.”

-Margaret Stockley “Transforming Workplace Wellness”

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This comprehensive half-day program covers 6 key proficiencies designed to help program managers in small companies or offices create wellness programs that increase engagement while reducing costs.

The skills learned include: 

  • Modalities to change behavior
  • Communication plan
  • Program models and concepts to generate engagement
  • How to measure results

This foundational 16-module certificate program is for participants who want to learn how to build, develop, and deliver a workplace wellness program.

The skills learned include:

  • Building a unique wellness plan and objectives
  • Creating and communicating a culture of wellness
  • Introduction to Behavioral Economics
  • PERMA model and coaching for positive change
  • Defining incentives and creating a benefits and incentive program
  • The connection between organizational goals and personal values
  • Designing and driving inclusive programs
  • Empowering wellbeing choices
  • Measuring and evaluating engagement

The advanced 16-module certificate program provides an expanded syllabus and is specifically designed for professionals who are currently working as a wellness program manager, or has completed the CWPA

The skills learned include:

  • Strategies to develop an existing program
  • Behavior change theories and the role of wellness coaching in engagement
  • Cultivating cross-partnership collaboration
  • Developing strategies to increase leadership role and foster positive change
  • Expanding the daily operational structure of wellness
  • Assessment models to expand the culture of wellness
  • Interpreting claims costs and applying incentives
  • Values and leadership
  • Designing evaluation methodologies and best practices
  • Measuring return on investment and value on investment

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