Our mission at POWCERT (Professional Organization for Wellness Certification) is to create and inspire a healthier workforce by educating, supporting, and developing a culture of well being within organizations that will invigorate employees to build a lifelong commitment to healthier lifestyles and optimal wellness.


Make A Difference In The Lives Of Your Colleagues

In today’s corporate world, the physical and emotional wellbeing of employees has never been more important to a company’s success. Building a strong corporate culture that focuses on healthy lifestyles by emphasizing work-life balance and the wellbeing of employees is crucial. But, how can you build an effective wellness program for your company?

POWCERT provides high quality, convenient training for individuals who want to create workplace wellness programs. Through innovative wellness initiatives that address the higher level of challenges in today’s organizations, POWCERT can give you the training, support, and tools you need to engage your employees in their long-term wellbeing goals.

Read below to learn more about our certification programs and find out how you can make a difference in the lives of your colleagues.

Concierge Consulting: Personally Yours

Our unique Concierge Consulting service will support, guide and assist you after the certification process. This experience is a very human one and encourages people to connect, contribute and achieve their own health goals in addition to sharing their workplace knowledge through an exclusively customized method.

  • Client-centered approach
  • How to create a multi-department approach to employee health
  • Behavioral and organizational dynamics
  • Personalized approach to building a culture of safety and wellness
  • Communication strategy utilizing the principles of influence and persuasion
  • Evaluation and assessment, tracking ROI and VOI

About the Certification

When you have completed your POWCERT training, you can move forward with the tools and resources to facilitate health and wellness within your own workplace and community.

Certified Wellness Program Administrator (CWPA)

This comprehensive half-day program covers 6 key proficiencies designed to help program managers in small companies or offices create wellness programs that increase engagement while reducing costs.

The skills learned include: 

  • Modalities to change behavior
  • Communication plan
  • Program models and concepts to generate engagement
  • How to measure results

Certified Wellness Program Specialist (CWPS)

This foundational 16-module certificate program is for participants who want to learn how to build, develop, and deliver a workplace wellness program.

The skills learned include:

  • Building a unique wellness plan and objectives
  • Creating and communicating a culture of wellness
  • Introduction to Behavioral Economics
  • PERMA model and coaching for positive change
  • Defining incentives and creating a benefits and incentive program
  • The connection between organizational goals and personal values
  • Designing and driving inclusive programs
  • Empowering wellbeing choices
  • Measuring and evaluating engagement

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Advanced Certified Wellness Program Executive (ACWPE)

The advanced 16-module certificate program provides an expanded syllabus and is specifically designed for professionals who are currently working as a wellness program manager, or has completed the CWPA

The skills learned include:

  • Strategies to develop an existing program
  • Behavior change theories and the role of wellness coaching in engagement
  • Cultivating cross-partnership collaboration
  • Developing strategies to increase leadership role and foster positive change
  • Expanding the daily operational structure of wellness
  • Assessment models to expand the culture of wellness
  • Interpreting claims costs and applying incentives
  • Values and leadership
  • Designing evaluation methodologies and best practices
  • Measuring return on investment and value on investment

Benefits of Certification

As a certified POWCERT© professional you will learn how to make a positive difference in the lives of your colleagues. Our innovative certification program integrates the latest research with tangible tools on how to build workplace cultures that engage, inspire healthy behavior, and promote lasting change.

  • Broaden your skills with our creative and holistic training protocol
  • Deliver innovative and holistic wellness programs
  • Utilize our personal concierge service
  • Grow your professional wellness network
  • Unique approach to leverage the intrinsic value of choice and accountability in a workplace training program to support sustained behavior change
  • Coaching self-care and leadership skills for employees and managers by nationally certified health and wellness coaches

The Book Behind the Certification

Transforming Workplace Wellness: Practical Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Change provides the latest evidence-based information needed to create and maintain a successful holistic wellness program.

Evidence-based strategies to motivate and engage employees and assist teams who are developing a new program as well as those who want to incorporate fresh ideas to an existing program

Program components, incentives, coaching, work-flow, and data evaluation to improve performance of interventions

101 low-to-no-cost ideas to support and promote a strategy for organizational effectiveness and economic resilience plus an index of resources

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Margaret Stockley

“POWCERT certification provides wellness program managers
with the tools and resources to initiate innovative and engaging programs.”

-Margaret Stockley “Transforming Workplace Wellness”

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